[Osmf-talk] "a viper pit of racism and misogyny"

Robert Kaiser kairo at kairo.at
Thu Dec 21 13:17:20 UTC 2017

Rory McCann schrieb:
> I think it's important that we think, as a community, about this, and
> where we want to go. IMO "national origin or culture" should be on the
> list, and GF gets it right with "reverseisms". Allowing "reverse racism"
> to be a CoC violation runs the risk of silencing marginalized people.

I think you have to differentiate there. Saying anything where you wish 
death, destruction or similar to any institutions or people (no matter 
if a single person or a however defined group) should always be against 
community guidelines, same where you call anyone stupid or have less 
value as person than others - no matter if it's a straight 
discrimination or a "reverseism" as you call it. Any such behavior is 
poisonous to the community as a whole, no matter who it's targeted at, 
and so it should be discouraged behavior.

Now it's different with promoting underrepresented groups, awarding 
people, or supporting those that have difficulties. This is where the 
"reverse" rules you describe should be in effect. Even though some 
people may find it some discrimination in it, promoting mapping 
workshops for women, encouraging the more shy people to speak out, 
paying SotM attendance for people who otherwise can't afford to come, 
and similar activities should always be encouraged.
That said, I don't think that events and initiatives off-topic to OSM's 
mission (e.g. non-mapping-related minority stuff) should be on our 
communication channels - but that's a "problem" we don't have anyhow at 
this time.


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