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My 5 cents:

Usually we are all from other places, so some field work with locals are
always fun.

Most of attendees knows how to gather data in the field, so it will not
gives you new skill,
but you'll get some knowledge how typical addresses residential buildings
and commercial buildings looks like.

And just +1 for all points in Frederik's message.


2017-12-21 20:58 GMT-04:00 Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org>:

> Rob,
> > - Do you want State of the Map to include workshops? If so, how many?
> > - What topics make good workshops? Is there a workshop that you would
> > really like to see next year?
> > - How could we encourage more people to host workshops?
> IMHO workshops work best if people can learn a concrete skill. Topics
> that would make good workshops:
> * setting up a tile (or Nominatim, Overpass, routing, OpenVectorTiles)
> server
> * writing your own Carto CSS (or Mapbox GL...) style
> * Overpass query 101 (or querying an osm2pgsql database with Postgres)
> * public transport mapping with JOSM
> * generating high quality print maps with <toolchain>
> * creating a small Osmand based Android App
> Workshop topics are often topcis that would be rather boring as a
> regular talk - e.g. "writing a carto CSS style" is just not novel enough
> for a talk, but a sought-after skill for a workshop.
> Good expectation setting for attendees and teachers is a must; for a
> good workshop I would expect to see something like "attendees are
> required to bring notebook with <operating system> and <minimum
> requirements>", and the workshop would have to be held in a proper
> classroom with tables. (Or, the workshop could be in a classroom where
> there's a computer that can be booted with an OSGeo Live DVD or something.)
> The German FOSSGIS conference covers a significant portion of costs by
> charging about EUR 100 per workshop, and the workshops are mainly
> frequented by "professional" visitors - the open source and mapping
> hobbyists among the conference-goers don't usually need someone to
> explain things to them so they're not negatively affected by the
> conference charging for workshops; actually the income is used to
> provide free tickets for open source/open data contributors.
> I realize this differs a lot from what SOTM has been doing and I'm not
> saying it is where SOTM should go, but if you have the flexibility, why
> not try it out - perhaps select two or three "hot" topics and offer
> "premium workshops" on them that cost money, to see how well the offer
> is received.
> Bye
> Frederik
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