[Osmf-talk] Board term limits and term lengths

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Nov 10 16:40:22 UTC 2017


On 10.11.2017 16:47, Christoph Hormann wrote:
> That would make 4 board members for some kind of term limit, one 
> against, one unknown and one undecided.  Even if i count the unknown as 
> against that does not really add up.

Problem is, you don't want a board that decides "yeah, some kind of
limit would probably be a good idea", you want a solid concept.

We did actually discuss the issue for a bit in April. I brought it up
and wrote a few lines on how it could work. However, I think that the
issue ties in strongly with "voters should know for how long they vote
someone in", i.e. I would have liked to get rid of the un-predictability
of a board member's term length.

Taken together, the two issues present quite a few challenges that need
sorting out (you don't want too many people quitting at the same time
for fear of loss of knowledge; what happens if someone is one month over
their limit, or just one month short of their limit, when an election is
called; and so on).

And even though I am in favour of term limits, the matter wasn't high
enough on my list to put in the work required to make it fly.

> So can someone please point out my error?

Your error seems to lie in the assumption that board just needs to pass
a resolution and everything else will magically sort itself out. There
are some boards in other organisations that may enjoy that kind of power
but they usually have more paid staff than we do. Should we start hiring ;)?


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