[Osmf-talk] Board meeting today, and board candidates

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Nov 16 15:11:51 UTC 2017


On 16.11.2017 15:55, john whelan wrote:
> Could you recap what the closing date is

25th November, so you have 9 more days to ponder!

> and what commitment is involved.  

I tried to explain the "life of a board member" in a blog post a couple
months ago, here:


The minimum commitment is taking part in monthly board meetings (via
"Mumble"), that's maybe two hours per month, plus usually one weekend
per year; but of course the board can only function if people are
willing to actually do work, i.e. write up papers, lead discussions, and
so on. I'd say if you can budget 2 hours per week that's good, and if
you should spend 5 hours per week then you're already guaranteed a place
among the "top most active boardmembers" ;)

> Are there any expenses involved?  I seem to recall at least
> one face to face meeting a year normally happens.

The last couple of years we had one of those per year and you are
entitled to reimbursement for all costs incurred.

> I think both candidates who have put themselves forward so far are
> involved in HOT.  I merely make the comment and it is not a statement
> saying this is good or bad but it might be interesting to see someone
> with a different background put themselves forward.

You may be right, but it is worth pointing out what I wrote in the blog
post above: The OSMF board is not a parliament; you don't go there to
represent the interests of your "constituency". Once you're on the board
you are (legally required to be) acting in the interests of the OSMF.
This means that it must not make a difference if someone has a HOT
background or not.


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