[Osmf-talk] Board meeting today, and board candidates

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Thu Nov 16 20:17:03 UTC 2017

On Thursday 16 November 2017, joost schouppe wrote:
> I've asked on the Latin America Telegram channel if anyone is up for
> it. Miriam (mapanauta) looked up the number of OSMF members in Latam:
> they are -ten- in total. So one in ten of them would need to apply to
> the board, and if they are unanimously supported by their own part of
> the world, they are nowhere near a decent amount of votes.

There are likely quite a lot of people from elsewhere who would consider 
a candidate from Latin America favorably and vote for her/him if 
qualification wise it is at least close to a tie for them.

And since we use STV in the elections outsider candidates can have a 
fairly good chance because if a candidate leads by a fairly large 
margin the additional votes this candidate does not need for a seat are 
not lost but transferred to those next on the ballots.  So even if most 
members do not vote for the Latam candidate on top of the list those 
members for whom this is only the second choice might still give this 
candidate a seat on the board since there are two seats.

It all depends on how interested the current OSMF membership is in true 
diversity on the OSMF board...

Christoph Hormann

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