[Osmf-talk] Directed Editing Policy

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Nov 22 12:34:33 UTC 2017


  thank you for making some concrete suggestions for improvement instead
of saying "clearly this must be re-written from scratch" ;)

> * In this discussion thread, Frederik replies to Ian by talking about
> the difference between a casual hangout mapping party and a big
> advertised "Maptoberfest", and asks "Is this a distinction that you
> did not understand after first reading of the policy?" - on my part I
> say YES! I can't see anything in the policy that makes this
> distinction at all.

The distinction is currently not keyed to size, but keyed to intent: If
your intent is just to explain OSM to people but not specifically
instruct them to do anything, then you are not "directing them how and
what to map". So you can invite 100 people without being covered by the
policy[1]. If, on the other hand, you invite people specifically to
trace buildings in your area and provide the training to do exactly
that, then even if only 2 people come, you are already "directing them
how and what to map".

Perhaps looking at the size of the group, or the amount of contributions
expected, is something we could explore. It is always difficult to find
clear, concise, and verifiable definitions for these things without
creating unwanted loopholes (for e.g. the one-person full time SEO
mapping "team").


[1] except if these 100 people are training for something and in order
to pass they need a certification that they attended your course - then
they would be "required to map" and the policy would apply to your event.

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