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Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Thu Nov 23 18:21:39 UTC 2017

Am 23.11.2017 um 16:56 schrieb John Crowley:
> As a community, we must choose: do we grow into a mature organization
> where dialogue between viewpoints builds a culture worthy of the trust
> that major institutions place in us when they use or map? or do we
> choose retain the politics of personal attack such as what sometimes
> happen on this list, albeit rarely as starkly as Sev’s shameful post.
To perhaps get back on topic (the OSMF elections), I believe you
actually touch on one of the important themes, not just around Heather
running for the board, but in general and which is one of the points
that Severin has expressed too: historically the OSMF has spent little
money and has more or less by design been kept small. One of the reasons
for this has been to not to have to take in to consideration the wishes
and demands of outside parties. To put it flippantly; so that we can do
our own thing.

If candidates see a different direction and want to change this, it
would be nice if they answered my question here: 
which might give a bit more clarity on where the candidates stand on
such issues, which IMHO are slightly more important than how somebody

> We *can* have a culture that welcomes different perspectives and
> builds on the collective intelligence of diverse pool of contributors,
> some of whom do things to support mapping rather than just mapping
> itself. But we must actively choose it.
> John
> PS: my own contributions have been around building the imagery
> workflows around MapGive and codifying OSM practices for the World
> Bank, rather than editing the map. I spent my time coordinating a
> small team that got these pixels out to tens of thousands of mappers
> and writing a field guide for OpenDRI to convince ministers and
> technocrats to trust the map, rather than tracing that imagery. I
> should map more, but policy work is just as meaningful.
> PPS: to Simon’s point: do years of consistently toxic delivery point
> to a need to improve rhetoric, or to an underlying problem within the
> heart of the writer?
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