[Osmf-talk] Balancing the presence of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team at the OSM Foundation in 2017

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Nov 30 07:41:26 UTC 2017


On 30.11.2017 02:34, nicolas chavent wrote:
>   * OSMF & HOT Us Inc dispute over Trademark'

I wouldn't say it was a dispute, I just mentioned it as an example of
bad communications in the past and something that we've hopefully
overcome by establishing better talking channels.

>       o This Trademark topic was kept at the HOT US Inc Board level only

I'm pretty sure that we (at the OSMF board) were able to read something
about this in publicly available HOT minutes, so it cannot have been
*that* secret!

But that's something that happened years ago and I certainly didn't want
to start a controversy over it now - it is not a current issue any more.
It was just meant as an example of how a lack of communications is
detrimental for everyone.

(I'll take some time later today to read the rest of your message, I
just wanted to say this upfront.)


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