[Osmf-talk] DWG survey on organized editing

Oleksiy Muzalyev oleksiy.muzalyev at bluewin.ch
Wed Oct 4 19:30:57 UTC 2017

On 04.10.17 20:31, Stefan Keller wrote:
> On 2017-10-03 16:40 GMT+02:00 Oleksiy Muzalyev <oleksiy.muzalyev at bluewin.ch>:
>> The textile industry uses the Nice Code of Conduct for the Fashion and
>> ...
>> - a competitive compensation according to local standards;
>> ...
>> - visiting & supervising contractors;
>> ...
>> Perhaps, such self-regulation code would remove at least some fears.
> These statements make me just sceptic, though they may have been made
> with good intentions:
> The first makes a plain vote that organized mapping should be
> marginally tolerable and paid mapping should be generally bad.
> And the other one proposes labor principles from industries which are
> really different from the OSM community
> Those labor principles would be an unnecessary and probably an
> unpracticable overreaction.
> :Stefan
In case of the paid mapping no need even transport the products over the 
ocean as the textile industry has to do. So engaging subcontractors in 
countries with the low cost of living seems to be an obvious solution. I 
am in principle not against it. Those folks may need a stable income, 
besides the valuable GIS skills will be acquired in places where they 
are much required.

But it would be good to know that there is a Code of Conduct, like 
visiting the subcontractors for a control, training & certification, 
etc. I am also not against the work of minors, individuals in a penal 
servitude, and other vulnerable groups, but only if it is organized 
properly, - enough time for education, fair payment, etc.

Certainly, the Nice Code of Conduct [1] cannot be copied literally. It 
is too vast, since the textile industry is immense. But some ideas could 
be taken from it. The organized paid mapping seems to be inevitable, and 
it is happening as far as I know, so why not let it be self-organized 
well from the beginning?



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