[Osmf-talk] 2018 a third episode of entryism by HOT US Inc at OSMF Board after 2015 and 2017: call 4 action (candidates/members) for a balanced OSMF Board

Rod Bera rod at goarem.org
Thu Dec 13 10:10:49 UTC 2018

Hi there,

I too consider Tobias's proposal as sound and sane.

Also, I have the feeling that some candidates are not explicit enough
(to say the least) about their conflicts of interest.

OSMF relies largely on "representative democracy", which is not
democracy stricto sensu (as once elected, irrespective of the contents
of their manifesto/program/campaign contents and statements, one can,
and often does, act otherwise).

To me, this yearly conversation about HOT and/in OSMF is persisting and
a cause of concern because of the representative democracy model.
It is not surprising to have this model implemented in OSMF, as it is
the overwhelmingly dominant one across the the world.

But things could be otherwise (e.g. direct democracy, which raises
practical issues as it difficult or even impossible to implement when
the demos is made of too many people), or at least mitigated.

Ways of mitigation include:
-binding mandate/term: you are not permitted to act otherwise than why
you were elected for;
-single term: so that you are not tempted to build a strategy for, or
act with, your re-election as a goal;
-revocability: if you act otherwise than elected for, or against the
community interest there must be a kind of impeachment mechanism which
can be triggered by the community or a sufficient proportion of the
-and, maybe the most effective to avoid hubris or career plans, drawing
lots election

With some or all of these measures implemented we would probably have
less to fear from a possible hegemony or imbalance in favour of one or
some orgs, etc.

These measures could also settle the ongoing discussions about whether
or not we shall adopt a code of conduct...


On 12/12/18 00:53, nicolas chavent wrote:
> Hey all,
> We're witnessing in this 2018 election a third and continued attempt
> of entryism by the US NGO HOT US Inc at the OSMF Board through
> Geoffrey Kateregga and Miriam Gonzalez candidatures after the election
> of Heather Leson (2017) and Mikel Maron (2015) who joined Kate Chapman
> (2013).
> Election after election, one single organization is being granted a
> continued and growing influence at the Board of the Foundation at the
> detriment of the diversity of the rich OSM ecosystem of actors and the
> resilience/long-term sustainability of the OMSF.
> Tobias Knerr proposed in his manifesto to "Limit board members from
> the same org to 1 seat", since this manifesto item has not yet been
> picked up in the Questions/Answers section of the Board Elections wiki
> nor in the discussions, it would be great to hear about it from the
> other candidates and members.
> HOT US Inc presence at the OSMF Board (3 positions out of 7 Officers)
> being already heavily unbalanced, here's a call to OSMF members caring
> for the representation of organizational diversity in this body of the
> OSMF to vote accordingly and support after the election a continued
> discussion about Tobias manifesto item with the view of its future
> enforcement.
> The recent discussions about Crimea or India mass enrollment at OSMF
> (to name a few) made us all aware of the importance of a fully-trusted
> OSMF Board, ensured organizational diversity is surely an asset to
> this end.
> The above is a principled position in favor of diversity at the OSMF
> Board and not an anti position against HOT US Inc as an organization
> or against Miriam and Geoffrey as persons.
> Best,
> Nicolas

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