[Osmf-talk] 2018 a third episode of entryism by HOT US Inc at OSMF Board after 2015 and 2017: call 4 action (candidates/members) for a balanced OSMF Board

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Thu Dec 13 10:58:37 UTC 2018

On Thursday 13 December 2018, Rod Bera wrote:
> [...]
> -revocability: if you act otherwise than elected for, or against the
> community interest there must be a kind of impeachment mechanism
> which can be triggered by the community or a sufficient proportion of
> the community;

This possibility already exists - IIRC an initiative of ten percent of 
the members can initiate a vote to 'impeach' a board member which would 
then be based on simple majority of the OSMF members.  Compared to the 
threshold of changing the AoA this is actually not such a big hurdle.  
It would probably not be a bad idea to make use of this more often.

Regarding representative democracy - you might classify the OSMF as such 
internally but as said many times the OSMF members currently do not 
even remotely represent the OSM mapper base.  This severely limits the 
legitimacy of the OSMF board as a representation of the OSM community 
to a point where you can essentially say whether to accept decisions of 
the OSMF board is ultimately a free choice of the local OSM 

The situations with the working groups is somewhat different since they 
are not practically governed by the board or the OSMF members - their 
legitimization is - like with other more informal structures in the OSM 
community - more drawn from a do-ocratic basis.

Christoph Hormann

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