[Osmf-talk] Board members with similar background (was: 2018 a third episode...)

Peter Barth osm at won2.de
Thu Dec 13 19:20:56 UTC 2018


Mikel Maron schrieb:
> > I would prefer OSM to be run by the kind of people who started it: hobby mappers, enthusiasts, map geeks from all walks of life.
> This is not accurate, and a narrative I only began to hear many years later. 
> [...]

I think you're misinterpreting here what Frederik is saying or your
arguments are not actually contradicting him. It was not a Facebook AI,
it was not paid humanitarian workers, it was not outsourced mappers, it
was not the Mapbox editing team that contributed to the initial map.

What Frederik didn't claim is, that all of those mappers had been
students, jobless persons, or had no interest to some day earn money 
with OSM, ... but they for sure had not b<een people being paid to do so.

> I’ve seen no evidence that business has too much influence in OSMF. [...]

Well, what is "too much"? But it's good you don't decline that there are
business influences in OSMF.

Anyway, you can't base an argument on "trust me, I'm right". Most of 
the board's discussions are kept private, so this is something that 
can't be judged by the public.

Second, we only recently had a big fight about the OEG. We even almost
voted (or some at least considered voting) on a business-friendly 
version written by business as "business knows best" (which was an 
argument being used). In the end we voted on a version of the OEG (and
excepted it) that was based on almost two years of consultation,
compromising,... based on input from the advisory board (majoritarian 
businesses at that time afair) and on direct consultation of companies 
(and organizations). Given that many hobby/craft mappers prefered the 
original first draft of the OEG, and given the big differences between 
the two versions regarding content, I'd argue "there is too much 

There are many other cases, but your mileage may vary if the influence
is "too much" or "still ok".

> Despite Frederik’s business interests, I’ve always assumed his decisions in osmf were made in the interests of OSM. For myself, that is 100% the case.

But that was not even Frederik's point. Even if all your decisions are 
based 100% in the interest of OSM, they are still biased by your 
perception. There may e.g. be very different reasons why our views on
some topics are so different. But you can't decline the possibility that 
it is based on the fact that you're paid for doing some OSM work while 
I am not.


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