[Osmf-talk] OSMF board face to face meeting (F2F) facilitation.

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At yesterday's meeting, Agenda item 10 "Face to Face meeting" [1], we
learned that the OSMF Board was thinking to continue relying on
facilitation and to rely again on Allen Gunn (aka gunner) from
AspirationTech [2] as facilitator.

I think this raise a diversity question as well as a specific question
about the relation between HOT US Inc and the OSMF.

Allen Gunn is a very talented person in his field of practices, no doubt
about this. But this field of practices is wide and not bound to the limits
of the US West Coast, US, or Anglo-saxon's culture. Given the global nature
of the OSM project and OSMF, and to keep ensuring cultural diversity, it
might be interesting to consider changing facilitator and identifying
someone as talented as Allen Gunn in his field, coming from another
cultural area. This way the OSMF can still rely on the added value brought
by facilitation's work and make sure its F2F is as productive as possible,
shall facilitation is required; this seems to be the case for the directors

Now Allen Gunn in the past did some facilitation work for HOT US Inc's
Board as well facilitating F2F meetings and advising strategically the
Board, on ad hoc basis, for strategic thinking. Allen has also been
advising HOT US Inc directors to manage  "political" crisis  during
election times or its financial difficulties which have been hidden to
members and have still not been disclosed to its members; details of
Allen's facilitation read in Severin Menard diary note [3] who is a first
hand testimony of these facts. These records of activities F2F and crisis
management facilitations is a second layer for collectively thinking,
questioning the choice of relying again on Allen Gunn's services for the
next OSMF F2F meeting or exploring the idea of changing facilitator with
someone from this field of practice with the right skills and coming from
another cultural area.

Looking forward to hear back from board members and members on this.


[1]: https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Board/Minutes/2018-12-20
[2]: https://aspirationtech.org/about/people/gunner
[3]: https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/SeverinGeo/diary/42924

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