[Osmf-talk] OSMF board face to face meeting (F2F) facilitation.

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Fri Dec 21 23:16:36 UTC 2018

As I believe the first person to mention Gunner, I should state that 
most of Frederik's points echo my views. When mentioning him, it is 
because he's a facilitator who's worked with us in the past and I viewed 
as effective, not pushing any particular view.

On 2018-12-21 2:01 a.m., Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Nicolas,
> I see your points but I don't think they are an issue for us.
> Regarding diversity, if you are looking for a facilitator is it then not
> best to have someone who offers *least* diversity? The role of a
> facilitator is not to bring in new ideas but to bring out what's in
> those they are working with.
> Regarding Allen's history of working with other organisations, I browsed
> the links you sent and it seems that you are mostly concerned about
> Allen having advised HOT US Inc, on several occasions, to be less open
> than you would have liked.
> This was in the context of HOT US Inc asking themselves how to best
> "become a multi-million dollar organization" (quote from Severin's
> document). In such a context, dropping openness and transparency (which
> can often mean a cacophony of voices) in favour of a streamlined
> narrative to appeal to donors can very well be the right approach! But
> the OSMF doesn't strive to become a multi-million dollar organization so
> I think you don't have to worry here.
> We discussed using Allen as a facilitator, not a business consultant.
> The facilitator will certainly not be granted (quote from Severin) "a
> growing importance in the strategic decisions of the organization". We
> are not looking for strategic advice from Allen, just for the service to
> help conducting a meeting.
> A good facilitator helps people in a meeting express themselves and work
> constructively. It is not the role of the facilitator to convince people
> of one idea or another. Taken to the extreme, if a facilitator works
> with a board of crooks aspiring to world domination through crime, then
> the role of the facilitator is to help them to come up with the best
> possible action plan for world domination through crime - not to make
> them see the error of their ways an become good people.
> I've worked with Allen in one board meeting in the past and while I
> found his style a bit too American for my taste, I never had the
> impression that he was recommending something that wasn't already there
> in the people attending. I do not recall any advice to (quote from
> Severin again) "speak externally with (that) one voice".
> Having said all that, there are many other people out there who can
> certainly fill the role of facilitator just as well. We haven't even
> discussed timing and location yet, and Allen might not even be available
> at the time and location we choose. Asking Allen to facilitate the
> meeting has been *suggested* at yesterday's board meeting, it hasn't
> been *decided*.
> Bye
> Frederik

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