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There has been some talk on surveys and the like in the OSM ecosystem, and
it was mentioned that it might not be a problem to set up a survey engine
ourselves. This would make it easier to survey different kinds of mappers,
as well as have some sort of common ground between researchers and OSM, and
make it possible to pool questions about similar subjects so as to avoid
over-surveying people.

So I would like to formally propose we do that. I'm a big fan of the open
source Limesurvey package. I've only used it as a user, but if I can get an
OSMF machine, I'd be willing to see if I can set it up. But I would be more
than happy to leave it to more experienced people.

To discuss all the stuff related to this, I just asked for the creation af
a science mailing list, as described on the mialing lists wiki page.

Last, maybe we need a separate working group to handle the basic
infrastructure. Some of the data on that server will be privacy-sensitive.
It is perfectly possible to have different roles for different people, so
it would only need to be one or two people who need access to the sensitive
stuff. A similar non-disclosure agreement to the one used in the MWG might
be enough.

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