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joost schouppe joost.schouppe at gmail.com
Sat Jan 13 10:25:44 UTC 2018


The science mailing list is now a thing. That would be the place discuss
details of the implementation, if any, of our own survey engine. Apart from
that, go there to:

- talk about recent sciencetific research
- develop the OSM research agenda
- get feedback and support on your planned OSM surveys
- get feedback on your scientific plans from an interested subset of OSM
community members

Subscribe now :)

I hope the board will decide to give us an OSMF machine to work with. Maybe
an extension or subgroup of the MWG (which I'm a member of) could manage
that machine. (I'm not aware of a formal proces for OSMF members to put
stuff on the Board agenda, so I hope this is enough)

Clifford, I'd be very grateful to accept your help.

The scope of such machine right now, is to have something to offer
researchers. Over time, maybe it could grow to a priviledged place to
contact specific subsets of mappers. But let's keep it simple for now.

John, I think with the privacy-consciousness of many OSM mappers, having an
OSMF-run survey engine could do a lot to get response rates up! Anyway, I
hope you join, because you seem to have quite some experience to share.

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