[Osmf-talk] GDPR introduction

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri May 4 16:04:58 UTC 2018


On 04.05.2018 16:30, Bryan Housel wrote:
> Sorry if I missed this before, but has there been a proposed date when the API changes would go into effect?

We have discussed this during the recent face-to-face meeting of the
OSMF board in Karlsruhe and we'll put together a concise plan and
communicate that widely. I don't want to pre-empt our official statement
but the general feeling is that it's going to be something like a 6
month project for the whole package, with some measures certainly being
taken early on to demonstrate our will to comply. Regarding the API
changes specifically, once we're clear about the scope we'll need to
determine how much work it is to make the changes, and then find someone
to make them... it's certainly on a scale of months not weeks.


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