[Osmf-talk] Financial & organisational questions

Thomas Barris thomas.barris at googlemail.com
Tue May 8 08:18:29 UTC 2018


I have questions with regards to the financial statements and the
organisation and would be grateful if someone could help me to find the

1. The Independent Accountants' Report in the Official Financial Statement
2016 is not signed. Same applies to earlier reports.  Are there any ongoing
issues with the reports?

2. The OSMF Website says there were 397 normal and 255 associate members as
of Dec 2016 [3]. Using the fee of 15 GBP one would assume the annual
membership fee for non-corporates would be around 9,780 GBP. However, the
financial statements for 2016 [2] show only 8,198 GBP on page 10. (I am a
little bit surprised how the number can end with 8).

3.  The Q3 2017 [4] report says that we owe Barclays 12k GBP, if I read it
correct. At the same time there is a Euro deposit amounting to 27k GBP at
Barclays. Is the board entitled to take up loans?

Generally, the AoA says "*Except as provided by law or authorised by the
directors or a decision of the General Meeting, no person is entitled to
inspect any of the Foundation's accounting or other records or documents
merely by virtue of being a member or associate member.* ". I think there
should be more transparency....either by being more transparent with
regards to the records or by adding some more comments in the financial

4. It seems Heather has not been registered as Director at the Companies
House [5]. The registration is usually a question of days. Is Heather a
valid director of the OSMF?

Thanks a lot in advance & kind regards

[3] https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Membership/Statistics
[4] https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/w/images/3/34/Balance_Sheet_Q3_2017.pdf
[5] https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/05912761/filing-history
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