[Osmf-talk] Voting "recommendations" by employers (straw poll)

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Fri Nov 2 11:29:10 UTC 2018

On Friday 02 November 2018, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> And if we haven't - perhaps instead of sulking, or being outraged, we
> should simply say it?
> I think we are expecting too much from a business when we somehow
> hope that they will do the thing that we believe is "morally right"
> but we don't even spell that out.

Yes, indeed.  That is in particular important due to the global nature 
of the OpenStreetMap project.  If we expect compliance with certain 
social conventions we should formulate that.

My personal view is that we should probably formulate the expectation 
that the decision of individuals to become a member or what to do as a 
member should not be influenced under an employment relationship or a 
different form of economic dependence.

But as Simon said no matter what you do an open membership system can 
always be gamed and the only reliably measure against this would be to 
expand the membership significantly.  I have already on various 
occasions made specific suggestions how this can be done, in particular

* by making the membership fee optional for active mappers.
* by offering automatic membership to mappers with a certain minimum 
level of mapping activity during the last year.

Christoph Hormann

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