[Osmf-talk] Voting "recommendations" by employers (straw poll)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Nov 12 22:23:01 UTC 2018


On 11/12/18 22:11, Yves wrote:
> Can someone post the poll results to date for the sake of this thread?

I have now closed the straw poll and the results are:

"When employers encourage their employees to become OSMF members"

Answer 	Count 	Percentage
I like it (A2) 	51 	42.50%
I don't care (A3) 	36 	30.00%
I don't like it (A4) 	26 	21.67%
No answer 	7 	5.83%

"When employers reimburse employees for the OSMF membership fee"

Answer 	Count 	Percentage
I like it (A2) 	26 	21.67%
I don't care (A3) 	23 	19.17%
I don't like it (A4) 	64 	53.33%
No answer 	7 	5.83%

When employers provide a voting recommendation in OSMF elections

Answer 	Count 	Percentage
I like it (A2) 	4 	3.33%
I don't care (A3) 	20 	16.67%
I don't like it (A4) 	87 	72.50%
No answer 	9 	7.50%

This poll had no authentication, i.e. everyone could vote (even non OSMF
members), and people would even have been able to vote multiple times.
Therefore, I suggest to take it only as a coarse indicator of the public
mood, and rely more on what has been written in the thread.


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