[Osmf-talk] Next OSMF board meeting this Thursday, 15th of November, at 21:00 London time

Peter Barth osm at won2.de
Thu Nov 15 12:53:06 UTC 2018

Hi Christoph, hi Michael,

Christoph Hormann schrieb:
> Like Michael i would be interested in the reason why this matter is 
> being discussed in closed session.
> In addition two other questions regarding this:
> * It says "Heather and Frederik will be briefly "interviewed", to see if 
> they also have a conflict of interest (COI)".  Does this mean there are 
> other members who undisputedly have a conflict of interest?  If yes who 
> are these and who will be present in the closed portion of the meeting?
> * Since the closed session is at the beginning and its length is unknown 
> in advance what is the procedure for those who want to be present at 
> the public part of the meeting?  Will they be able to wait and chat at 
> the usual place on Mumble until the board comes over from their closed 
> session?

I guess this is a bit difficult to answer and I can more or less only
give you my perspective on that.

The discussion about OEG and (somewhat unrelated) about CoI got very
heated within the board (we proved Godwin's law after all!) and there had 
been very extreme positions (I guess me being one side of the extremum).

Luckily we have a great chair who put everyone's mind at ease and made a
suggestion to go forward. The outcome is, that we'll start with a short
private meeting to interview Heather and Frederik wrt CoI. As for
Michael's question: It might be possible that the interview touches
private interests like customers or an NDA or whatever. Perhaps the
private part is unneeded, but who knows. It's more or less a precaution.

To make this clear: As far as I understood the process we'll interview
Heather and Frederik. Mikel and Martijn have (to my understanding) a
CoI but we'll later still vote if they may participate in a vote or not.
Same potentially happens for Heather and Frederik. I guess everyone of
them will be in the private meeting but only those that are never
questioned to have a CoI will participate in any of the votes.

Private meetings are always done in the private mumble channel, not the
public one, so members can stay and chat in the public channel until we
come back. So you just have to wait until we're back.

Hope that helps,

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