[Osmf-talk] Official list of questions for board candidates for board member now available

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Mon Nov 19 18:33:11 UTC 2018

On Monday 19 November 2018, Michael Collinson wrote:
> This is a first time, so I welcome feedback publicly or privately to
> help assess and improve the process. Being self-critical, some of the
> original questions lose specificity.

This is more of a condensation/summary and less of an aggregation than i 
anticipated.  This is a valid choice considering the goal of not 
overwhelming the candidates etc.  But as you probably have seen quite a 
few questions have been very specific (partly in a reaction to rather 
vague answers of candidates in previous elections) and this specificity 
is obviously often lost in your condensation.

I would encourage all candidates to also look at the original 
questions - these are subjects as well as specific questions members 
would like to know about the candidates formulated in the way they 
perceive them.  Looking at the original questions can help you to 
answer the official questions in a way that is helpful for the members 
to make their election choice.  Don't waste your chances by just giving 
minimal answers to the official questions.  I can't speak for others 
but for me my voting decision will depend on the position of the 
candidates on my questions - whether they are answered in your 
manifesto, in your answers to the official questions, in some other way 
or not at all.  And it matters if your answer is "i don't know yet" 
or "i know but i'd rather not tell". :-)

Overall i think the original community questions this year are a 
relatively balanced spectrum of topics and a good basis for candidates 
to put together their platforms.  If this is primarily due to 
the "regulated" procedure implemented this year or due to people having 
refined their questioning approach from previous years i am not sure.  

And it is exciting that we have seven different candidates from seven 
different countries this year (which i think is the largest ratio of 
candidates per seat ever.  For comparison - in 2015 we had 11 
candidates from 9 countries for 4 seats).  So really a lot of choice 
this year.

Christoph Hormann

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