[Osmf-talk] Reminder - Etiquette guidelines

Roland Olbricht roland.olbricht at gmx.de
Sun Nov 25 15:21:07 UTC 2018


I do not think we should punish Mikel for his insinuations. For 
non-native speakers this rather reads as a blunt attack on Christoph.

This is a single replay in a thread with tens of messages. And more 
important, this is for Mikel a single incident.

I suggest that we reaffirm Christoph that his messages are welcome and 
Mikels response has just been a misunderstanding.

Maybe we could have a strict policy for native speakers to not harass 
non-native speakers in any further CoC suggestion. As this is probably 
the most often happening, and concluding from Christophs response, he 
really feels attacked.

Best regards,


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