[Osmf-talk] Closed board meeting again

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Mon Apr 22 09:09:34 UTC 2019

A closed discussion of the GlobalLogic matter was just added as the only
agenda item so far for the board meeting on Wednesday.

I find this fairly disturbing - on the one hand since i thought we had
established that closing parts of the meetings requires specifying a
reason.  On the other hand because i think it is inappropriate for the
board to have secrets from the membership regarding dealing with
membership matters.  And above all of this because of the following.

With the recent comment from Joost:

> What happened was more in breach of
> the spirit of the law than the law itself. I think this sets a fine
> example for other companies: we will -not- allow transgressions of
> the spirit of the project, but we -will- give companies the chance to
> make mistakes and learn from them. Just like we do with anyone
> involved in the project.

you now essentially set a precedent that the risk for an attempt at
hostile takeover of the OSMF is a slap on the wrist and special
positive attention.  In other words:  short of actually successfully
infiltrating the OSMF with a hundred voters is there any more positive
outcome from the whole thing GlobalLogic could have hoped for?  I don't
think there is a feeling for the need "to put them on trial".  I think
there is a perception of the need for an effective deterrent against
future attempts in the same direction.

If there is one thing the OSM community expects from the OSMF board
until the next board elections (though i am not sure if "expect" is the
right word here - actual expectations might not be that high) it is
implementing robust measures against future hostile takeover attempts
of the OSMF.  And with "robust" i mean something more effective than
trying to talk them out of it.

And i don't see much progress in that regard so far from the board while
one third of the year is already over.  I mean you are still in the
process of secretly negotiating with GL on the matter.  What is there
still to talk about?  They tried to cheat, they got caught, end of
story.  Based on the information currently available I get the distinct
impression that the board is going to sweep this under the rug by
settling things quietly with GL in a buddy-to-buddy fashion and then
try to continue business as usual.

If the board is unable to develop and agree on an effective strategy for
that matter the members - and the OSM community as a whole - need to
take the initiative to develop mitigation strategies against a
potential future OSMF under corporate control.

Christoph Hormann

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