[Osmf-talk] Some questions about candidates' statements

Peter Barth osm at won2.de
Thu Dec 5 23:10:09 UTC 2019

Hello candidates,

I read through most of the questions and statements and I have a
few follow-up questions, especially in the topic of CoIs which
has a high significance for me.

My definition of a potential conflict of interest:
A potential conflict of interests arises, if there is a topic at
board level where the interests of the OSM project and your
employer *might* differ.

I pay tribute to anyone who's able to put the project up-front
other interests and I won't insinuate for any candidate that you
wouldn't be able to do so.

It is good if you can distinguish between OSM's view and your
employer's view. It is better if there is no possibility to
ask the question "is this your opinion or your employer's".

Imho, even a *potential* CoI should always lead to you stating
your CoI, making your input/comments public and abstaining from

Do you agree with my statement or description of CoI/potential
CoI? How would you cope with a CoI? How with a potential CoI?
Especially will you take part in discussions? Share
arguments,...? Public only? Private? Will you participate in
votes? Will you make your CoI public? Will you make a potential
CoI public?

I am specifically interested to hear an opinion of anyone
directly or indirectly working for or with OSM or GIS data.

Further, I have some more specific questions for Steve that I am 
interested in:

1. What is wrong with the current petition regarding term limits?

2. How many board meetings did you attend within the last three
years? And what was the painful part in those?

3. To help me scope your concern: What percentage of OSM tiles
are served to third parties today?

4. Do you know why OWG is kept short on budget and did you talk
with them if and how they could use that extra money?


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