[Osmf-talk] voting fraud

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Fri Feb 1 17:15:24 UTC 2019

Thanks, i hope most of the other board members see this similarly.

I would gladly ask less questions here but this would require others to 
step up and do so because even if a few people believe otherwise i do 
not typically ask questions that are pointless or unnecessary - 
although there are of course sometimes questions that stem from 
misconceptions or errors on my side.  I have said many times that i 
would very much like more diversity in voices here, in particular also 
in languages other than English.  And there are certainly tons of 
questions that would be good to ask or suggestions that would be good 
to make that i would never come up with based on my specific 
background.  Everyone can only gain from more people being active here 
in discussion.

Incidentally one thing i have been contemplating to do for some time now 
is setting up some wiki page for me to keep track of OSMF related 
matters that i have been meaning to inquire about or follow up on, 
maybe i or someone already has done so and it was promised for a later 
date and things like that.  There are so many of these things meanwhile 
that it would be good to write them down - and doing so publicly could 
reduce the need for me to ask questions here because stuff from that 
list is either proactively answered or others look at the list and ask 
questions based on that instead of me.

Christoph Hormann

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