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Am 04/02/2019 um 00.59 schrieb Rihards:
> Perhaps we should reach out to the individuals to assure them of OSM
> community welcoming them as individuals no matter what, and offering an
> anonymous channel to share information on how the company, or
> individuals there, coerced them.

Didn't MWG do that already? See pages 15–17 for the outreach to the .IN
and .FR group.

MWG wrote on page 20 of their report:
> We understand from various sources that the company privately raised
> the issue of being allowed to vote with the board several times​. The
> issue was also raised privately by GlobalLogic employees in
> conversations with MWG. Anecdotally, this has barely, if at all, come
> up in casual personal conversations with friends who were also cut
> off.

This reads as if at least one GlobalLogic employee had contact with MWG
beyond the reach out described on pp. 15–17.
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