[Osmf-talk] Help: Using OSM as a personal GIS

Marc Gemis marc.gemis at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 07:41:27 UTC 2019


did you try to contact the mappers via private messages? Normally one
would contact them via changeset comments, but I have the impression
that you prefer not to follow that path.
In such a message you could tell them that such information does not
belong in OSM and point them to alternatives, e.q. QGIS using an OSM
base layer and a layer with their information.

The data working group will typically do the same, but they can help
you with reverting the changes, although you are free to do that
yourself. Note that the data will then still be in the several OSM
Database dumps and in the full-history database.

good luck



On Thu, Feb 7, 2019 at 7:37 AM Craig Allan <allan at iafrica.com> wrote:
> Hi List
> Help. I have someone using OSM for personal GIS work.  They are
> apparently doing rural planning and maybe EIA analysis. The problem is
> that they are adding (planned?) features that do not exist on any of the
> photos and apparently falsely tagging to ensure a pretty rendering.
> This has been going on for years, but my tolerance has now snapped.
> How do we deal firmly with these things? There are age, race and gender
> matters at play too, so very sensitive help is needed.
> If someone can help to point me at the most diplomatic solution, please
> write back off-list. This topic will not benefit from the usual flame-wars.
> Craig
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