[Osmf-talk] Board response: Disputed Area Policy (Crimea request)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Feb 8 07:16:15 UTC 2019


On 07.02.19 21:12, Christoph Hormann wrote:
> in this particular case for whatever reason and 
> might take a completely different course of action the next time if you 
> feel a need for it.

> If that is not the case what is the basis on which the board dispenses 
> exemption from general OSMF policy?

Look, it is the very definition of an exception that it is exceptional.
The board will dispense exemption from general OSMF policy in
exceptional circumstances.

If the board were to try and answer your question, defining some kind of
basis on which exceptions will be made, then that will become a rule.

It is plain obvious where this is leading: As soon as the board says
anything concrete - "in this case we have made an exception because of
<X>" - you and a few other specialists will immediately point out five
other disputes around the world that also match <X> and demand that
board makes a similar decision there. If someone was really devious,
they would even contact one of the parties involved in such other
dispute and point them to the discussion and tell them "hey, look here,
board has said <X> and this applies to you, why not raise some fuss and
you'll get things changed".

But this would thwart the desire to have *less* conflict in the
community; it would create more!

Every additional reason the board gives for taking this decision *will*
be construed to be a new rule, and used to draw bad conclusions just for
the sake of the argument. This would help nobody except perhaps the ego
of the one or two people who enjoy "proving" that bad things happen if
you apply the Crimea exception elsewhere.

But that is the whole point. That's why it is an exception and not a new


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