[Osmf-talk] Board response: Disputed Area Policy (Crimea request)

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 12:58:45 UTC 2019

Am Fr., 8. Feb. 2019 um 13:52 Uhr schrieb Heather Leson <
heatherleson at gmail.com>:

> My ask is: how will the membership (not just this mailing list) make an
> effort to improve governance and working group support for this project.

In the initial statement you wrote: "Dear OSMF members, DWG members, other
interested parties:", I would have expected something like this which is
directed to all interested parties, copied to talk at osm as well. OSMF is not
just about OSMF, it is first and above all here to support OSM and its

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