[Osmf-talk] Membership Working Group report on unusual signups before OSMF election

Michael Reichert osm-ml at michreichert.de
Sat Jan 26 19:39:37 UTC 2019

Hi Guillaume,

Am 26/01/2019 um 02.03 schrieb Guillaume Rischard:
> MWG and the authors will try to answer any questions you have about the report here, but can also be contacted at membership at osmfoundation.org.
> Report (PDF) https://openstreetmap.lu/MWGGlobalLogicReport20181226.pdf

Thank you a lot for the report.

Quoting the report:
> 61 of the new members have email addresses matching those found in the OSM database, and we expect even more have accounts under other emails (perhaps their company email account).

Did you try to guess the company email accounts of those whose first and
last name you know and look for matching user accounts in the OSM
database? The email address of the poster of the mail on 3 December 2018
to the Talk-in mailing list follows the pattern
f.lastname at globallogic.com (f = first name).

> Most have mapped very little. In the six months before the signup,
> only 31 have edited at all. Only 7 have more than 10 edits.

I wonder if we should force all commercial contributors to reveal their
full name – not to the public as their usernames are but to people bound
to an NDA as the sysadmins and the DWG.

Regarding the section "Recommendations" (pp.21–22):
> Enact a new policy that OSMF will post a list of who-voted after each
> election, allowing the membership to decide for themselves if a
> company operates a voting bloc (votes themselves would always remain
> fully secret).

As Rory has pointed out last autumn, publishing anonymous votes can
reveal the identity of a voter if the number of candidates is large.
Publishing the votes together with a company name might look harmless
for large companies but it can be dangerous if the number of voters with
the same company name is small.


> Allow only verified active mappers to vote and run for the board

Many people are active mappers as defined by the Contributor Terms but
the threshold for one being recongniszed as active mapper by their
fellow mappers might be significantly higher.

Although I like that idea a lot, I tend to say that the right to vote
should not be limited. However, I think that any policy on topics
related to mapping should require a majority of the active mappers among
the members. This would reduce both the importance of the board and its
elections and give an incentive to mappers joining the Foundation.

Best regards


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