[Osmf-talk] Board statement - Membership Working Group report on unusual signups before OSMF election

Rihards richlv at nakts.net
Thu Jan 31 16:58:02 UTC 2019

On 31.01.19 14:05, Guillaume Rischard wrote:
>> On 30 Jan 2019, at 23:34, Mikel Maron <mikel.maron at gmail.com
>> <mailto:mikel.maron at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> > Why wasn't the report published by the board itself?
>> Because the MWG imposed a deadline. We were about to publish. 
>> I personally think it's bad governance to have a WGs setting OSMF
>> timelines without coordination with the Board.
> /Of course/ we coordinated with the board. We sent the report to the
> board in the first place. We delayed our release date repeatedly to suit
> the board, and were constantly running after the board to get feedback.
> In the interest of transparency, if there is a request, I would be happy
> to publish the relevant board-mwg email correspondance.
> The last delay request one hour before midnight was unjustified and
> unreasonable. The board had known about that date for 12 days. It was
> clearly in the members’ interest to publish.
> It took us a month to write it, should it take you a month to read it?

I fully support MWG actions on this.
What I read as an attempt to censor this report has made me support
"weak board" position more.

Massive thank you Stereo, SJFriedl for noticing this and the detailed
awesome[1] report.

[1] Word "awesome" used here close to its original meaning, not the one
popular in the USA.

> Guillaume-- 

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