[Osmf-talk] Working with Dorothea full-time

Frederik Ramm frederik at osmfoundation.org
Fri Nov 8 23:24:32 UTC 2019

Dear OSMF mebers,

since March 2018 we have enjoyed the support of Dorothea Kazazi, from
Athens, in many aspects of OSMF work. Dorothea has not only greased the
wheels of board work by writing meeting minutes, preparing the agenda
and communicating it; she's also doing the following things:

* managing the corporate membership roster, replying to requests,
signing up new corporate members, documenting it in CiviCRM
* staffing the OSMF desk at State of the Map
* helping with Local Chapter applications and paperwork
* dealing with requests for membership lists
* with MWG, managing the membership fee waivers
* maintaining the OSMF wiki/website
* with MWG, managing the board election and AGM tasks
* helping arrange and run the board face-to-face meeting

Dorothea has spent between 40 and 90 hours per month on non-conference
OSMF business since January this year, and has also worked separately
for the State of the Map conference[1], bringing her total hours to
between 60 and 140 per month. (For comparison, in a standard full-time
employment situation in Germany you'd expect an employee to work about
147 hours per month with vacation time considered.)

We discussed this situation at our Face-to-face meeting this year[2].
Our thoughts about the future of this relationship are driven by two

1. We are very pleased with the work that Dorothea has done, and we can
envisage a couple of additional fields where Dorothea's help would be
welcome, for example by lending more support to working groups or
regional SotM conferences, by helping with the administration of the
upcoming microgrant programme, and others.

2. We feel that it is very selfish of us to promise to buy only 60 hours
of work but then more or less assume that Dorothea is available for more
if needed (as she has been). With things as they are, Dorothea could
sign up other clients and be unavailable to us any time, or she could
even take on a full-time job somewhere. If we want Dorothea to be
available almost full-time then we ought to give her a proper contract
that says so, and pay for it.

The board has therefore decided to evaluate ways of working with
Dorothea full-time, either in an employment or freelance setup, and
we're working with a consultancy in the UK to find out what our options
are. We assume that the cost of working with Dorothea full-time would be
between EUR 30k and EUR 40k per year.

We will keep you posted about further developments, and we're happy to
hear any comments you have on this plan.


[1] If you're interested in helping with State of the Map, see

Frederik Ramm
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