[Osmf-talk] AoA changes and new fee waiver for this year's AGM

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Nov 9 00:35:21 UTC 2019

Dear members,

based on the feedback in this thread we have made a few changes, most

* make sure to speak of "periods" not years
* flesh out the term limits into a staggered vote of (a) fixed terms but
no term limits; (b) term limits but resettable; (c) strict term limits.
Voters can now choose what kind of term limits they want, if any.
* add a cosmetic change to §81 ("AGM" => "GM")

The new PDF is here

The eight votes will be on the ballot individually and you will be able
to vote on each if you are a normal member. Associate members will only
be able to vote on #8 (the fee waiver).


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