[Osmf-talk] OSMF Board Election - Official candidate questions now published

Michael Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Sat Nov 16 10:04:41 UTC 2019

I have now produced a collated questions for candidates to answer.


Candidates, please a rough estimate of how long it takes you and let me 
know. This will help me or future volunteers keep it reasonable. My 
particular concern is the impact on non-native English speakers.

Thank you to all who posted questions. If you have any feedback or 
concerns about what I have done, please do feel free to let me know 
publicly or privately.


OK, that is the announcement done, but for transparency, here are some 
notes on my methodology:

I want to strike a balance between candidate's time and "censorship", 
(i.e. not including everyone's questions). I also want as much as I can 
to set a level playing field for non-native English-speaking candidates 
and candidates from non-Western cultures.

Last year it took candidates who responded to me at least 8 hours to 
compile answers. Two candidates took well over that. I had some 
thoughtful private feedback from 3 folks who had posted community 
questions. Last year, I generalised questions as much as I could and 
ruthlessly cut anything that was "What is your position on X" and not 
clearly OSM-related. That meant I filtered out specificity and had some 
soul-searching as to what to do with identity politics. As a result of 
the feedback, I have tried something a bit different this year: There 
are more very specific/complex/perhaps controversial questions but I 
have given candidates some choice in what questions they want to tackle 
- so I hope it is not too overwhelming. In particular, there is a "What 
would you do?" section where I have taken a number of questions and 
presented them as if there were board agenda items.

Last year, Dorothea put the unedited community questions below the 
"official" set. I thought that worked very well for transparency and we 
are repeating it this year.

If you are curious about last year's questions, here is the link: 


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