[Osmf-talk] OSMF Board Election - Official candidate questions now published

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Mon Nov 18 20:15:14 UTC 2019

On Saturday 16 November 2019, Michael Collinson wrote:
> I have now produced a collated questions for candidates to answer.
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:Foundation/AGM19/Election_to

Thanks.  I know this kind of aggregation of text is difficult work
especially if you want to make sure you do justice to all those asking

Personally I like this year's aggregation style better than last year.

A few notes based on a quick look over the official questions:

* summaries/aggregates like this are always subjective to some extent so
i would suggest to candidates  - like last year - to also look over the
original questions (as well as other community discussion about OSMF
topics) to get an idea what interests people beyond the official
questions.  Even if the official suggestion is that members form their
opinion based on the answers to the official questions members will
also decide based on what interests them - even if that is not part of
the official question set.

* while i think it is good (see last year's comment from me on that)
that the questions are included exactly as originally formulated
sometimes the lack of copyediting is also a disadvantage.  In

- yes/no questions where more than a yes/no answer is expected.  Like:

"Is your main source of income related to mapping or GIS work in some

- ambiguous, difficult to understand or 'coded' formulations.  Like:

"Have you ever managed multiple stakeholders with different agendas?"

I have no idea what that question means.  With 'coded' i mean that
formulations like this might be clear in a specific culture/subculture
where the words chosen have a specific meaning that is lost to others
not familiar with it.

But i don't want to criticize specific questions here (dealing with
problematic questions is after all a useful qualification for a board
member), what i mean to say is that for next year a few instructions
for question writers on what is important to consider when formulating
questions could be useful.  Last year we also had some (limited)
feedback on questions after they had been asked during the process - it
might make sense to encourage this further in the future.

Note this is not a call for 'someone on the OSMF' to do something,
organizing and managing the asking of questions should IMO be done by
the community so this is more a call for *us* to next year provide some
helpful instructions along these lines.

Christoph Hormann

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