[Osmf-talk] Can we untick the Public domain checkbox from our initial choice done during OSM sign up?

severin.menard severin.menard at protonmail.com
Tue Oct 1 08:28:18 UTC 2019


As I guess many people signing up in OSM and not necessarily very aware at that time about data licenses, I did not pay much attention to the check-box below the contributor agreement asking if I would consider my contributions as part of public domain. And it seems I ticked it. Now I am strongly convinced of the benefits of both attribution and share-alike requirements and obviously regret that choice.

My question is: can I now edit this option of the contributor agreement and untick this checkbox, considering it would be totally harmless for OSM as PD not being the current license for OSM? Or everyone in my case unfortunately needs to create a new OSM account?

This apart, I think this checkbox should not be implemented at all in the contributor agreement when signing up. Why specifically for PD? If ever arises a project of switching from ODbL to PD, I think it should be handled at least the way it was done for CC-BY-SA to ODbL in 2012, with a specific choice for that change with detailed information for the contributors, moreover considering it would be a much, much more drastic switch.

I also think that https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Licence_and_Legal_FAQ/Why_would_I_want_my_contributions_to_be_public_domain should also have a Cons section after the Pros.


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