[Osmf-talk] Can we untick the Public domain checkbox from our initial choice done during OSM sign up?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Oct 8 12:46:56 UTC 2019


it has come to my attention that the current OSM website has a bug which
must have been introduced some time before 2015, and which has
accidentally sabotaged the PD checkbox: For people who signed up in the
5-ish years, the "PD flag" value in the database has not been set at all.

This means that not only is it

(a) unclear what people meant when they checked the box and
(b) unclear what the legal implications of that are but also
(c) we don't even know whether anyone who has signed up in the last half
decade checked the box or not.

In the light of that quagmire, it might make sense to just capitulate
and get rid of the check box altogether. The board has asked the LWG for
a recommendation on how to proceed and will then consider further steps.


PS it appears that the problem was introduced with
though it is not clear at this time exactly when that commit went into

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