[Osmf-talk] microgrants feedback

Joost Schouppe joost at osmfoundation.org
Tue Oct 29 21:34:31 UTC 2019


As those who follow this list closely, we're now welcoming feedback on the
Microgrants policy draft. We already got some really good feedback, as the
proces kind-of started already. Some of that feedback was already
integrated in the text. Note that this has not been reviewed by the entire
board yet, it is just a new working document. It is available here:


You can discuss the document here on osmf-talk, but you can also send
feedback straight to board at osmfoundation.org. Feel free to share this
message with people who are not on this list.

Please provide feedback by November 15th. Hopefully we can process comments
before and during the next Board meeting at the end of November.

All the best,
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