[Osmf-talk] Question about permission to use OpenStreetMap name

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Wed Sep 4 08:08:33 UTC 2019

Am 03.09.2019 um 17:20 schrieb Martin Koppenhoefer:
> Am Do., 22. Aug. 2019 um 18:34 Uhr schrieb Simon Poole <simon at poole.ch
> <mailto:simon at poole.ch>>:
>     Just to be very clear, the trademark policy grants licence to use the
>     marks in many situations outside of referential / nominative use
>     (which
>     is as has been correctly pointed out is always allowed for word
>     marks).
>     Before the policy was put in place any such use was unlicensed.
>     This is
>     the reason why, when we put the policy in place, we provided
>     opportunity
>     to all to remedy the situation, which unluckily only a small number of
>     users have taken the opportunity to profit from. 
> Is there a list of everybody who in the past was granted usage
> permission for the OpenStreetMap trademarks?

I would have to dig this out, but there is, as said, only a handful,
most prominent openrailwaymap, and very recently the upcoming SotM in
Eastern Europe.

> Have there been applications asking permission for trademark use that
> have been rejected?

We've had a number that when pointed to the policy have not applied
(which is what one would expect), iirc we haven't had somebody apply and
formally not be granted permission.

But all that is not very surprising, as with the notable exceptions of
domain names and events (aka SotM), most common community use of the
marks is already covered and allowed by the terms in the policy and
there is no need to apply formally. As it should be.


> Thanks,
> Martin
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