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Michael Reichert osm-ml at michreichert.de
Mon Apr 6 18:20:23 UTC 2020


Am 04/04/2020 um 00.25 schrieb Frederik Ramm:
> Some mappers operate several accounts for privacy reasons. Say a mapper
> had two accounts and mapped 30 days with one, 30 days with another
> account. Now the mapper shows up at your doorstep and wants to qualify
> for the waiver. He says "I am the person behind accounts A and B".
> Questions:
> 1. Assuming the mapper tells the truth, are they eligible?
> 2. Will you believe the mapper, or request some form of proof that they
> are indeed behind both these accounts?
> 3. Will the information that the mapper uses accounts A and B - which
> might be a carefully guarded secret - be stored by MWG?

Most claims in OSM to be active or not are verifiable because almost all
our activities leave traces on the internet – being it edits in the OSM
database, code contributions (Git, SVN) or activity within the working
groups which can be seen in their meeting minutes. The Foundation is, as
long as nobody actively tries to hide things, a transparent organisation.

Members have to provide their real name during registration, even
associated members. Anyone have the right to request a list of normal
members. I presume that members (not the general public) have the right
to request a list of the associated members, don't they, at least to
exercise their rights as members against the board if necessary? We
should be careful to guarantee members privacy.

If someone uses a dedicated account to separate different mapping
activities (e.g. surveys vs. imports), all accounts should be taken into
account. However, they should not expect that the relationship between
their membership identity and their accounts is kept secret.

Not guaranteeing absolute privacy allows every interested member to
verify that people under the proposed mapping fee waiver are indeed
active contributors.

Best regards


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