[Osmf-talk] Budgets 2020 and 21

Christine Karch christine at hermione.de
Sun Apr 19 22:06:01 UTC 2020


I'm rather sure that there will be no financial loss due to SotM. I
haven't done the budget for the virtual SotM yet. We are still
investigating our technical needs. But we have a number of confident
sponsors and I'm not worried about that part of our conference ;)



Am 19.04.20 um 20:06 schrieb Simon Poole:
> I'm kind of curious and haven't seen any deliberations on this in any of
> the minutes (and yes I'm aware there isn't a published 2020 budget): has
> the board considered the effects of losing the income from SotM in 2020
> and 21?
> While the foundation is no longer as dependent on SotM surpluses as it
> used to be when they were the only regular source of non-earmarked
> funds, it would seem as if potentially this and next year could dip
> slightly in to the red. This will naturally depend substantially on how
> much of the micro-grant funds are distributed, as this is roughly 50% on
> top of a regular OSMF budget, so we might worst case dip for guestimate*
> Euro 100k in to the reserves.
> Simon
> * I know this has been sabotaged a bit by numerous accounting related
> changes, but could we get quarterly financial reports back? Particularly
> in a time of turmoil it is important to know where you stand and if it
> isn't even for the members, the board should have them for itself.
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