[Osmf-talk] Commitment to open communication channels

Tobias Knerr osm at tobias-knerr.de
Sun Aug 16 19:37:04 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

proprietary social media platforms are a highly influential part of life
in 2020, and many people use them daily. It stands to reason that we
want OSM to be visible in those spaces. At the same time, we would like
community members who prefer open communication channels to be confident
that their choice will not exclude them from effective participation in
the OSM community.

To strike this balance, the OSMF board would like make to an explicit
commitment on behalf of the Foundation: Essential communications will
always be accessible through an open, preferably self-hosted platform.
They may be published on proprietary channels as well, but only in
addition to an open channel.

For the purpose of this commitment, essential communications include:
* Publications or consultations by the board, WGs, committees or other
Foundation bodies.
* Communications mandated by OSMF policies/guidelines/frameworks and
similar documents.
* Anything related to how the OSMF is governed, such as AGMs and elections.

By open platforms, we mean those that are accessible through open-source
software and open protocols, and do not require an account at a
third-party service to access. (Read-only public access is sufficient
for one-way publications, but not two-way communications.)

We have already consulted the Foundation's working groups to make sure
this does not get in the way of their work, and we're now hoping for
community feedback. Depending on your responses, we plan to adopt a
commitment along these lines as an OSMF policy at our next board meeting.

(for the OSMF board)

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