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Mikel Maron mikel.maron at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 10:35:48 UTC 2020

The OSMF Advisory Board is set up for the OSMF Board to consult on important matters. It currently consists of Corporate Members (at Gold level and above) and Local Chapters. While a useful idea, it has in practice been utilized infrequently and has not had active discussion itself. Meanwhile, the Board has separately engaged some corporate members on topics, and it has been productive. We think the views of each group are somewhat distinct, and having seperate groups will make for more useful advising. 

So we are now looking at splitting the Advisory Board and are seeking input on this move. Based on the feedback, we'll develop a proposal for the Board to adopt at an upcoming meeting. A few topics we are thinking about:

We'd continue the practice of reporting out on conversations in the monthly Board meeting minutes, for transparency and benefit of the broader community. 

What do we call the groups? Corporate Advisory Board and Local Chapter Advisory Board?

Currently only Gold and above are eligible, but we can see value in hearing from small- and medium-sized companies as well. We are considering making the Corporate Advisory Board open to Silver and Bronze, and possibly Supporter. 

The one complication here is that the Advisory Board is framed as a benefit to Gold Membership. To companies, how much is the Advisory Board a factor in choice of tier?

The OSMF Board can also choose to appoint individuals to the Advisory Board, to draw on particular expertise. In practice, we have never done this. The question arises as to where these individuals would sit. Join either of the Advisory Boards? Create a separate group? Or just talk to them individually as needed?

Thanks for reading and input!

Mikel & the OSMF Board

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