[Osmf-talk] OpenCoronaMap online

Seán Lynch seanlynch at umail.ucc.ie
Thu Mar 26 10:47:34 UTC 2020


Developer of OpenLitterMap.com and now OpenCoronaMap.com here

I thought some of you might be interested to know about OCM which I am
developing to let people map and share anonymous data on their symptoms (or
none) as a proxy to map potential distribution of the virus. And maybe more?

The last time I wrote to this email list I was threatened with legal action
for "infringing" on the OSM trademark, which was surprirsing as I wrongly
thought this would be one of the few communities in the world delighted to
see, and even support someone advancing open data and bring more people
into OSM and open science. I won't be sharing any information about OLM
here anymore but I thought some of you might be interested to know about
OCM or maybe one of the next ~10 critical technologies I have in
development to save us from permanent global pollution and rampant
biodiversity extinction (opencoralmap, openkelpmap, etc). Unfortunately not
even pineapple fund thought this work was worth supporting with $1


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