[Osmf-talk] Geolibres Local Chapter application for Argentina

Craig Allan allan at iafrica.com
Tue May 5 18:05:03 UTC 2020

In support of Rory and his scribbles:

While we all love and support democracy,  only Iceland LC has unlimited 
wide-open membership.
All the other LCs require board approval of new members.  The relevant 
quotes are provided below. Forgive me for not reproducing all the 
accented letters.
A precedent / norm has been set. I can't in good conscience support 
forcing Argentina to open their doors to all, Icelandic style.
In support of Michael:

I do agree with Michael that it would be nice to know the OSM usernames 
of the Argentinian applicants, so we can assess their activity.
But, to be fair, it is not a CURRENT requirement for an LC application.  
The application as it stands is fully compliant with our requirements 
and I do not support delays so we can shift the goalposts.  Let the 
requirements for LC applications be changed if necessary, but only with 
effect from date of approval by the Board.

Craig Allan
Om lid to worden van de vereniging, moet men: 1. ...  2. aanvaard worden 
door de raad van bestuur, bij volstrekte meerderheid van de stemmen.

Le conseil d'administration status sur chaque demande d'adhesion et puet 
les refuser spres avis motice aux interesses.

Uber die Aufname in den Verien entscheidet der Vorstand.

5. Rett a ad ganga ifelagid eiga allir, baedi einstaklingar og 
logadilar, sem eru hlynntir markmidum thess.

The members of the Company shall be ... such other persons as the 
Directors shall from time to time admit to membership

Sono soci dell'associazione coloro che hanno sottoscritto l'atto di 
costituzione in qualità di soci fondatori e coloro che ne fanno 
richiesta e la cui domanda viene accolta dal consiglio direttivo in 
qualità di soci ordinari.

Aufnahmegesuche sind an den Prasidenten / die Presidentin zur richten; 
uber die Aufnahme entscheidet der Vorstand innerhalb von drei Manaten 
neach Eingang des Gesuches.

No person shall be admitted a member of the company unless he or she is 
approved by the Directors.


On 2020/05/05 17:42, Rory McCann wrote:
> On 05/05/2020 16:59, Christoph Hormann wrote:
>> there is AFAIK none that practically restricts new memberships in a
>> similar fashion.
> Are you sure? I looked into this as part of this application. IIRC 7 
> of the 8 existing LCs have “the board must approve, or may reject, new 
> member applications”. OSMF too.
> In theory ”An existing member must nominate you” in addition to ”the 
> board must approve you” are different rules. But if all the existing 
> members of an org refuse to support you, then the board will 
> definitely reject you! If a board doesn't like someone, then they can 
> keep them out.
> In *pratice* does the additionally “one member must approve you” rule 
> really change much, when like most LCs, the board can reject people? 
> If someone would be approved by a board, then surely a board member 
> can approve them? HOT is different because each existing member can 
> only approve 2 applications per year, and 2/3 of existing members must 
> approve you¹
> I too like mass democratic organisations, but this limitation hasn't 
> been a problem for LCs in the past.
> > It seems quite inefficient to have a public local chapters application
> > review process without documentation of the review and discussion that
> > already happened non-publicly within the OSMF being available to the
> > members.
> I threw away the piece of paper with the scribbles, listing section 
> numbers of existing LCs. To require everyone to produce detailed 
> written notes of everything will drown me in paperwork, and make 
> everything *much* more inefficient.

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