[Osmf-talk] Mapbox Attribution

Peter Barth osm at won2.de
Wed Aug 18 13:48:27 UTC 2021

Hi Board, all,

Some days ago I noticed that Immowelt¹ (a German real estate site)
is using OpenStreetMap data without attribution. The services are
provided by Mapbox and while providing big attribution to Mapbox
the one to OSM is missing.

I already brought this to the attention of Amanda and Tobias. However, 
as this is one case of many where a customer of Mapbox is lacking 
attribution and Mapbox' stand usually is "It's the customer's fault 
not ours", I wanted to share my thoughts and request here.

1. Mapbox is a corporate member that should take special care about 
our values. It should be a role model.

2. In every case involving missing OSM attribution using Mapbox map 
services (and there had been many!), the Mapbox attribution was 
present while OSM was not. I don't know the internal procedures for 
customers, but I'd suppose it shouldn't be too hard for Mapbox to 
enforce (or encourage) customers to take the same diligence for both 

3. As the lack of attribtion in Mapbox maps is a common and repeating 
topic that had been raised to the board in several cases, I'd like to 
ask the board to be a bit more transparent about this topic, about the 
directors' opinions and about potential handling of COIs.

Thanks for listening,

[1] Example: https://www.immowelt.de/projekte/expose/k2ub432

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