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I am a member of the revision committee of OSM Polska. Regarding membership
acceptance:  Actually polish law requires that there is a governing body in
any association which is responsible for accepting and removing members, so
the point in bylaws stating which body of the association is responsible
for membership issues is legally obligatory. OSM Polska has really low
requirements for new members in comparison with typical Polish
associations. Moreover, if one is rejected he/she can apply to General
Assembly to force the Board to change the decision. Moreover Polish law
forbids to reject membership on basis not stated in the bylaws (for example
if the Board would start selecting people on racist or religious basis). So
actually - the only reason when the Board can reject someone is if there
are any proves that the given person  acts against the OSM, because it is
stated in bylaws.

Regarding presence on General Assembly: till now all Assemblies where
physical - but according to Polish law - the member can be represented by
another member (it requires written agreement which is added to the
minutes) - it is also possible to join the meeting on-line. During previous
assemblies there were such cases - I personally was once represented by
another member. Actually, most probably this year General Assembly will be
completely on-line due to Polish pandemia regulation, as in ,most other
Polish associations. The Bylaws do not state the technical form of General
Assembly as the regulations regarding it are regulated by general civil law
and changes over time. Due to pandemia - these regulations have been
changed substantially - to allow and regulatate 100% on-line assemblies.

wt., 2 lut 2021 o 10:25 Craig Allan <allan at iafrica.com> napisaƂ(a):

> Hello,
> The Polish Local Chapter application seems to be sufficiently in order.  I
> support it as it stands.
> It could be a bit better, so some comments on optional changes follow:
> Noting: The issue about members needing to be approved by the Board is
> not, in my opinion, an obstacle. I like the idea that the Board should be
> aware of every new member and should formally note their membership and
> welcome them - quite similar to how Local Chapters are formally reviewed
> and welcomed by OSMF.
> I'd prefer if it explicitly stated that refusal of membership should be
> for a stated reason, the reason should be provided to the applicant and
> that refusal does not bar later application if the problems are cleared.
> It does say that "any person" can join, but it would be good to see a non
> discrimination clause in the articles of association that covers the usual
> problems - discrimination by age, race, national origin, language, gender
> identity, sex, sexual orientation, religion etc. etc.
> Making the definition of "present" at a general meeting more clear is
> important. Physical presence, virtual presence or presence by granting
> proxy voting rights to another member are options.
> The issue of being specific about fees is not important. It is a local
> issue. I believe that AoA clauses should be principles not details. There
> should simply be a clause in the AoA that the Board may set membership fees
> subject to approval by a general meeting. I would like it if they had a
> clause that says that fee exemption for a member is possible for good
> reasons and may be granted by the Board in a closed session.
> best wishes
> Craig Allan
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> On 2021/02/01 22:52, Rory McCann (OSMF Board) wrote:
> Hello,
> You may be aware that Stowarzyszenie OpenStreetMap Polska has applied to become an official Local Chapter of the OpenStreetMap Foundation for Poland. As part of the application process, we would like to ask you, the OSMF membership, about this. Do you support this application? Do you have any questions, comments or concerns?
> You can find all the information about this Local Chapter application on the OSMF website:  https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Local_Chapters/Applications/Poland
> We will close this round of discussion two weeks from now (i.e. 14 Feb 2021).
> You can reply here or contact the OSMF Board privately: board at osmfoundation.org
> Please tell anyone about this application who might be interested. We want feedback.
> I am looking forward to hearing your responses.
> Thank you to the OSM Poland team for this submission.
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