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New thread because that was going even more off-topic. Yes, I was intentionally brief, since we're all busy and have limited energy, and the email thread was already very long. My suggestion was not meant to discourage any work, but rather to consider more focus in communications and I hope more participation from members. I appreciate the thinking about local chapters, and encourage productive work on the topic.

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On Thursday, February 4, 2021, 04:38:30 AM EST, nicolas chavent <nicolas.chavent at gmail.com> wrote: 

Point noted: I started an email conversation on this topic which reads
also as a diary note [1].
I am sure you were in a hurry Mikel. I'd like you to consider that
brevity in email shall go with a little something positive about any
contribution to email discussion if you want your email to read
friendly, welcoming, inclusive and actually encourage and favor
dialogue... In one word as a moral figure of the organization comply
with high standards in coms that are feature in the OSM etiquette, the
HOT US Inc Code, or in the "Call to Take Action and Confront Systemic
Offensive Behaviour in the OSM Community". This email, the diary note
represents some work on my side and results from a decade of OSM
community support work at grassroot level. Regardless of
agreeing/disagreeing, there's is not even a polite, formal,
'rhetorical' recognition of time and effort and this is not the best
way for an OSMF member to feel encouraged by a Director who seems to
care for diversity and inclusivity given its activity in the related
OSMF bodies (LCCWG, diversity mailing list, not to mention the DISC).
Have an excellent day all, be well and stay healthy,
Best, Nicolas

[1]: https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Nicolas%20Chavent/diary/395667

On Wed, Feb 3, 2021 at 10:44 PM Mikel Maron <mikel.maron at gmail.com> wrote:
> The general topic of local chapters and paid services would be better as its own focused discussion, rather than repeatedly raised on all current application consultations email threads.
> Mikel
> On Wednesday, February 3, 2021, 3:29 PM, nicolas chavent <nicolas.chavent at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> Thanks Rory for opening the community discussion about OSM Japan LC
> application.
> Thanks to all the folks from Japan for the engagement and the work
> that goes into it.
> I'd like to take advantage of this application to bring forth a
> discussion topic I think we need to consider within OSMF and LCs which
> is  about the status of "paid services" within the resources of a LC.
> This is a point I made during the community discussion of the
> MapUganda LC application (it reads fully as a diary note [1] in the
> Ugandan and Haitian/African context).
> The part of discussion which relates to paid services within OSMF and
> given OSMF LCs, reads below:
> "We shall first look back at OSMF and LC and remind ourselves of the
> early ages of the OSM project when its ecosystem was nascent and
> review some of the strengths that lead to its current affirmation.
> Frederik’s question brings us with the non written rule or the
> jurisprudence behind the practices under which OSMF and LC from
> “developed” countries have been functioning resources-wise so far:
> banning paid services from their resources. This is true at OSMF. This
> is equally true in given LC like OSMFR where this banning of “paid
> services” from the actual resources of the association is collectively
> restated year after year at its AGM. This choice in terms of OSMF
> resources as well as the choice of keeping the Foundation small (in
> its resources, staffing, perimeter of actions) has the benefit to
> leave the provision of paid services provision in the hands of
> “business” entities of all types (freelancers, associations,
> cooperatives, NGOs, business firms…) outside of the OSMF which largely
> remains a volunteer-based organization. This allows OSMF neutrality
> vis a vis business entities. This limits the room for business logics
> as well as conflict of interests in the OSMF which has to handle the
> influence of business and business logics without having to operate
> with business logics. This efficiently limits the “benefits” members
> and especially directors can expect from OSMF. This also safeguards
> reasonably the OSMF Board so that professionals or members of business
> entities can participate without breaking OSMF neutrality towards
> economic operators. These choices contribute essentially to the
> autonomy of the OSMF and the OSM sustainability in the long run
> allowing for a diversified ecosystem and free interactions of all
> actors including business entities of all sorts. This community
> discussion about MapUganda LC approval highlights the needs to revise
> and consolidate parts of LC and OSMF aspects and processes, these
> future discussions shall feature making this “paid services”
> jurisprudence a written law as well as defining the essential
> perimeter of actions of the OSMF which has been recently enlarged to
> system administration, software development, fundraising and human
> resources not without yielding questions about possible changes this
> can brought to the model of the small OSMF which spearheaded the
> growth of the project up to now."
> I'd be interested in hearing from you on this topic within:
> * the context of this OSM Japan LC application ; but also
> * As a practice for consideration/thinking in OSMF which could lead,
> if deemed relevant, to codifying good practice, producing LC resource
> template, possibly amending AoA.
> Excellent evening/day,
> Be well and stay healthy,
> Best, Nicolas.
> [1]: https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Nicolas%20Chavent/diary/395073
> On Tue, Feb 2, 2021 at 10:27 PM Rory McCann (OSMF Board)
> <rory.mccann at osmfoundation.org> wrote:
> >
> > こんにちは、
> >
> > ご存知かもしれませんが、一般社団法人オープンストリートマップ・ファウンデーション・メタル(OpenStreetMap Foundation Japan)が、OpenStreetMap Foundation forJapanの公式ローカルチャプターになりました。申請プロセスの一環として、日本のOSMコミュニティ、およびより広いOSMFコミュニティにこれについてお聞きしたいと思います。このアプリケーションをサポートしていますか?質問、コメント、懸念はありますか?あなたはこれらの人々を知っていますか?彼らは日本の地元のOSMコミュニティを代表していると思いますか?あなたはこの組織で活動していますか?
> >
> > このローカルチャプターアプリケーションに関するすべての情報は、OSMF Webサイトで見つけることができます:https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Local_Chapters/Applications/Japan
> >
> > このラウンドの議論は、今から2週間後(つまり、2021年2月16日)に終了します。
> > ここに返信するか、OSMFボードに個人的に連絡することができます:board at osmfoundation.org
> > 興味があるかもしれないこのアプリケーションについて誰かに教えてください。フィードバックが必要です。
> >
> > ご回答をお待ちしております。
> >
> > この提出をしてくれたOSMジャパンチームに感謝します。
> >
> >
> > ==============
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > You may be aware that 一般社団法人オープンストリートマップ・ファウンデーション・ ジャパン (OpenStreetMap Foundation Japan) has applied to become an official Local Chapter of the OpenStreetMap Foundation for Japan. As part of the application process, we would like to ask you, the OSM community in Japan, and the wider OSMF community, about this. Do you support this application? Do you have any questions, comments or concerns? Do you know these people? Do you feel that they represent the local OSM community in Japan? Are you active in this organisation?
> >
> > You can find all the information about this Local Chapter application on the OSMF website:  https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Local_Chapters/Applications/Japan
> >
> > We will close this round of discussion two weeks from now (i.e. 16 Feb 2021).
> > You can reply here or contact the OSMF Board privately: board at osmfoundation.org
> > Please tell anyone about this application who might be interested. We want feedback.
> >
> > I am looking forward to hearing your responses.
> >
> > Thank you to the OSM Japan team for this submission.
> >
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> >
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> > OpenStreetMap Foundation
> >
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> > OpenStreetMap Foundation
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