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Mon Feb 15 20:27:26 UTC 2021

Le 15/02/2021 à 18:53, Martin Koppenhoefer - dieterdreist at gmail.com a
écrit :

> agreed, still it raises some suspicion, as they could be seen as competitors? Would we see mapping errors they commit with the same benevolence we do for newbie hobbyist mappers? If it is confirmed I think this should be discussed more thoroughly...
> Cheers Martin
> _______________,

Would Tomtom take the risk of damaging its image? No.

TomTom is using OSM or plans to do it, anything wrong as they are
working with Uber, who is contributing to OSM?


Looking back into the history of TomTom I see they blamed OpenStreetMap
for inaccuracy, but looking back to the origin of the vandalism was
Google, not TomTom.

Vandalism is forbidden. Dot.


(You can probably find an article in your favourite language).

More over, if they wanted to do vandalism they would not create a Wiki
page for that, would they?

BTW, as for me, I haven't seen "newbie hobbyist mappers" doing organised
editing activity.


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